How to install 32 inch led light bar on the Toyota Tundra

Nowadays, many drivers prefer to install a LED light bar on their truck. If you have a 14-16 Toyota Tundra, you will want to look for some idea about how to design the lighting system. Here, I will provide some professional installation instructions for you. If you don’t want to install the led light bar on the bumper or roof mount, I think you can mount the light bar behind the grille of the tundra with special brackets, relay harness, and switch. Here is the process of installing the led light bar.


Step 1: Remove the grille of the Tundra. There are plastic clips and 10mm screws that hold it in place.


Step 2: Test whether the light bar fit the grille of the tundra. The 32 inch led light bar has a perfectly size and right brackets to location just right behind the Tundra grille. Test and see whether it interferes with your grille. When you get it centered and lined up, use the supplied mounting hardware and bolt it to the cross bar in front of the radiator.


Step 3: Connect Wiring. The 32 inch led light bar comes with a wire harness that fits the Tundra perfectly. Route the power connector to turn the light bar on, next to the headlights and into the grille section.


Step 4: Connect relay harness in engine bay to switch on dash. This round red tool is the best thing for getting wires through the engine bay into the cab! Watch the Headlight Revolution Video on how to do this for more details.


Step 5: Mount the switch. The 32 inch led light bar comes with a switch and relay harness for the Tundra. The best spot to install the switch is in this dummy panel near the steering wheel.


Step 6: Test the switch and light bar, and if all is well, re-install the bumper!

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