Your Questions Answered: Are Xenon HID kits legal

There are a lot of confusions around the HID kit. Many people want to the benefits of the headlight bulb, and saw many HID executives on the vehicle. There is a wide range of HID conversion kits on the market and many of them at low prices, but many customers do not fully understand the true portrayal.



If the seller says, HID kit will pass a MOT test?

The kit can pass the test, but that does not mean that the kit is road legal.

Sellers say they are legitimate. This is real?


HID is only legitimate if the headlamp unit is correctly ‘E’ marked. Halogen and HID xenon headlight units have different units of “E” marked. The road way of HID kit is legal consistency of assessing compliance and distribution if the entire headlamp unit is replaced by a specialized HID headlamp unit or an existing design of a new ‘E’ marked. As you can imagine, this is a great inconvenience and expensive. In short, unless you take steps to do all this, then your vehicle will not be a legitimate way. It is not legal to sale or use HID lighting kit in the market point of view of the portion of conventional halogen headlamps HID xenon conversion is after. If customers want to convert their vehicles to xenon, he must buy new HID xenon headlamps. The reason for this is that the existing lens and reflector around the halogen filament lamp design, working very close tolerances. If one placed HID bulb in the headlights, the beam pattern will be incorrect, there will be some other places where glare, the light is not adequate within the beam pattern.


The new technology significantly more light means you can simply change the way existing halogen bulbs get in your vehicle. You can upgrade your car light bulb products which deliver more light than standard. You do not need to change anything, just replace the lamp. In addition, Philips (and OSRAM), including the quality of original equipment manufacturers: They manufactured carmakers bulb own factory, so you can you install your car manufacturer’s recommendation and trust in part assured.

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